M.D., D.M., D.P.H., Ph. D
OTHER MAJOR TEACHING AND TRAINING: ( Directing and major professor)
  • Professor, Multidisciplinary studies in health management and family medicine,
    European Center for Peace and development- UN University, Belgrade, Serbia,
    2004 and 2005

  • Professor, International Summer School on Health Management, ECPD- UN
    University, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, 2004 and 2005

  • Annual training program on Planning and Quality management in Health care for
    international scholars, 1983-2001at the University of South Florida

  • Workshop on Health Policy Reform for the Parliamentarian Policy Reform
    Committee, Belize, April 1999 funded by InterAmerican Development Bank, (IDB),
    (20 participants).

  • Workshop on Managing Quality in Health Care, Guyana, funded by PAHO,
    September 1998 (47 participants)

  • PAHO Workshop on Strengthening Decentralized District Health Services,
    Barbados, September 1998 , PAHO ( 37 participants).

  • Workshop on converting Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize to a Public Not-
    for-Profit Authority,(52 participants), IDB,  May 1998

  • Seminar on Human Resources Development - Belize, IDB,(28 participants), August

  • Seminar on Health Systems and Medical Education, physicians and senior medical
    students from Japan and Taiwan, (22 students), July 1997

  • Training for Senior Officers from Croatia on Elderly Care , US-AID,(8 participants)

  • Seminar on Nursing Education and Practice, Moscow, Russia US-AID,(30 medical
    and nursing deans), 1995

  • Training program in Tampa and Washington, DC on Establishing a School of Public
    Health for 7 professors from the Czech Republic,, USAID, 1995

  • Training course in Tampa and Washington, DC on Health Policy and Management of
    Senior Health Officers for Slovakia,(8 participants), US-AID, 1994

  • Workshops on Strengthening Management in Family Planning Projects in Egypt, two
    workshops,(USAID projects- 60 participants), 1992 & 1993

  • New Trends in Elderly Care Program for Training French Directors of Nursing
    Homes, USF Tampa, Annually,(about 10-15 participants annually),funded by French
    Association of Nursing Home administrators 1991-1996

  • Hospital Management for French Hospital Administrators, USF, Tampa annually,(15-
    25 participants each year), funded by French Association of Private Hospital
    Administrators, 1989-1996

  • Managing Quality in Health care, for participants from East Europe,( 20
    participants), Bielefeld, Germany, funded by The German Fund, 1992.

  • Quality Assurance and Utilization Review in Hospitals, Intensive course at the
    University of Bielefeld, Germany, for 20 German participants, 1991.

  • Primary Health Care Strategies, course offered in Barbados in collaboration with the
    University of West Indies and Pan American Health Organization,(14 participants
    from 6 countries), 1990

  • Founding and offering the course for planning and management of Health Services
    for the Elderly and Research in Elderly Care, teaching these components of the
    annual course in geriatrics, United Nations Institute of Aging, Malta, (About 35
    participants from  different countries), 1990-1995

  • Seminar on Health Planning and Management for senior managers. WHO/PAHO
    Caribbean office, Barbados, March,(40 participants), 1990

  • Other workshops and seminars, 1980-1990, for EMRO, UNDP, USAID, in Kuwait,
    Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Malta and Greece,
    other Caribbean and Middle East countries
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